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3Biotech x Acticor Biotech

Interview with Gilles Avenard,

co-founder and CEO of Acticor Biotech.

Who is Acticor Biotech?

Founded in 2013, Acticor Biotech is currently conducting two phase 2/3 clinical studies. The development of our monoclonal antibody fragment, glenzocimab, for stroke treatment has been particularly rapid.

Why did you call on 3Biotech?

We began focusing on Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) very early on. One year after the creation of Acticor Biotech, the sequence of our monoclonal antibody fragment (ACT017) had just been humanised and we had to choose a bio-production system.

In order to accomplish this, we needed expertise that we did not have in-house. We worked with 3Biotech to define what patients, clinicians, and regulatory agencies would require of our drug candidate. From there, the Target Product Profile and the timeline were built. 3Biotech helped us find the right production system, define the formulation and target stability, select the right CDMO provider and coordinate and facilitate the relationship with the CDMO.

Our antithrombotic Fab has successfully passed the various stages of development. In September 2021, we enrolled our first patient in ACTISAVE, an adaptive Phase 2/3 study in stroke, and last November, Acticor biotech was granted an IND to conduct this Phase 2/3 in the US. The early implementation of a CMC strategy has clearly contributed to our rapid development, without any backtracking.

Who We Are?

3BIOTECH is a fully independent, privately owned, drug development focused company, located in Paris, France, operating all over Europe. 3Biotech offers  premium services focused on 3 operational pillars : challenging, supporting, accelerating. Our offer is dedicated to biotech startups in the long run, for building a full “Chemistry Manufacturing and Control” strategy all along the drug development.

Olivier Favre-Bulle, CEO and founder, 25 years experience in pharma industry, started 3Biotech to accelerate the growth of innovation on the Biopharma area. “Bringing a drug to market is a cross-functional project. It must be planned and executed in a transversal manner. We think we can improve the lives of patients and the future of healthcare by accelerating the growth of biopharma companies. We are a strong support on the field, “From Science to First in Human.”


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