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"ENTREPRENEURS, we have a message for you"

“Behind every great scientific or technological achievement, there is first a construction:
"how to go from theoretical model to business model? How to turn an idea into reality?

In drug development, the proof of concept is not the end of the line:

don’t forget the basics, there are many key stages."

‘‘Let’s run as fast as we can”  is not an option, beware of shortcuts! The first of the essential rules to avoiding costly
drug development failures is to have a clear Chemistry Manufacturing and Control strategy. Shortcuts - taken due to a lack of knowledge and increasing time constraints - usually end up being time consuming and very expensive in the long run. A poor execution can kill your idea…



"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail"
benjamin franklin

Do you really believe it is possible for a big company to buy a technology or a process

that can’t be scaled up?  Think from the end, with the Big Pharma perspective :

performing extensive due diligence on CMC before acquiring an asset
is crucial to protecting their investment.


So, what do you NEED?


We are an operational team of international experts

with a network process all over Europe.

A dedicated team is set up for each project.

CMC Small Molecule Expert   |   CMC Therapeutic Antibody Expert   |   CMC Therapeutic  Proteine Expert     

|   CMC Gene Therapy Expert  |   CMC Cellular Therapy Expert   |   CMC Vaccine Expert

|   CMC Regulatory Expert   |   CMC Microbiote Expert   |   Quality Expert   |    Translational Medecine Expert

We are not a consultancy firm, but an accelerator.

See us as members of your team focused on your performance,
able to maintain pharmaceutical industry’s high-level standards.

Our passion for solving today’s most complex drug development

challenges is a strong asset on your side, day after day.

3Biotech transforms innovative ideas into sustainable companies.
We think we can improve the lives of patients and the future of healthcare
by accelerating the growth of innovative companies - maybe yours.

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