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Who We Are?

3BIOTECH is a fully independent, privately owned, drug development focused company, located in Paris, France, operating all over Europe. 3Biotech offers  premium services focused on 3 operational pillars : challenging, supporting, accelerating. Our offer is dedicated to biotech startups in the long run, for building a full “Chemistry Manufacturing and Control” strategy all along the drug development.

Olivier Favre-Bulle, CEO and founder, 25 years experience in pharma industry, started 3Biotech to accelerate the growth of innovation on the Biopharma area. “Bringing a drug to market is a cross-functional project. It must be planned and executed in a transversal manner. We think we can improve the lives of patients and the future of healthcare by accelerating the growth of biopharma companies. We are a strong support on the field, “From Science to First in Human.”


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